Monday, May 14, 2012

New Blog Entry

This blog was already a bit obsessive, but it will get even more.
Begins today a new line in the blog.
Periodically will be chosen a composer and a work type for piano.
I will do my proposals publishing some cds of different publishers and musicians
that I consider relevant in respect of such works.
Then I intend for your participation.
Among other things you will advise other cds that are important to the work in question
or send links (should preferably be uploads of your cds).
You can also send texts of critical opinion.
Together we can make a better blog.


Rafael Márquez said...

Rectificar es de sabios.. tu ademas eres valiente. Adelante..

David Federman said...

First of all, thanks for coming back to the blogosphere. Second, I must put myself under your guidance with regard to the Mozart piano quartets--a body of work with which I am completely unfamiliar. Perhaps when you turn to Bach's "Well-Tempered Klavier," I can give some useful input. In any case, I like your new expanded focus. It is nice to have your blog on my morning rounds again.

Fly said...


The comparison to the works of Bach will be fire! It starts with the question of piano / harpsichord :)

Kolya said...

This is an absolutely wonderful idea!

Glória Silveira said...

Thank you for everything. The idea of ​​comparison is excellent. It's a fantastic way to hear the best recordings of each work. I hope to learn much in this blog.

Anonymous said...

Excellent blog, keep up the brilliant job you have been doing! The comparison project sounds fantastic!