Monday, May 14, 2012

Comparative / Mozart / Piano Quartets

This is the first proposal for comparison.
I'll post some of these cds.
The ones I have, not necessarily the best of them.
If together we can publish them all would be great.
If you want to add more, tell me which.
In the end I will give my opinion of my favorites
and together we will vote to elect the essentials.


Anonymous said...

great idea, dear Mr. Fly!


kike said...

Here we go, dear Flay.
Best wishes, K.

Unknown said...

You're a wonderful human being. Thank you for your creativity and generosity.

Annie said...

I have BAT and lewis if needed

Time Flies said...

Dear Fly,

I really welcome for the way you make your blog more fruitful.

I did compare the musics... lately I compare few Mozart Piano concertos by Uchida, Bilson, Perahia and Pires (though honestly most of them obtained by the gratitude people like you on the net). This way we could learn to appreciate the music itself, and the more I listen to classical music from different artists, the more I understand now why classical music is very unique.

With other types of musics (pop, r&b and even jazz), one song is always amalgamated with a certain artist only; usually the best interpretation is always by the original/first singer. This is not the case with classical music. The real artistry of the classical music is the interpretation itself by the artist that paying it. And by the time, I could tell that some artist are only a so, so musician. But then, few artists are all excellent in playing the very same song/material, and amazingly is they could play it very different one to the other, with their own interpretations, but we could see that they are all virtuosos.

So, thanks for your great effort... This definitely a more tedious work than just uploading the material without any special purpose.

Fly said...

I want to apologize for not responding personally to all. There isn't lack of consideration. It's lack of time.

I also have these. Thank you. I hope that on another occasion your availability is precious.

Time Flies:
I agree with everything and thank you. Compare Mozart's piano concertos will be beautiful! :)

François-André said...

Quelle bonne idée! Merci.

Very fine suggestion! Thanks.

Glória Silveira said...

Thank you for everything. The idea of ​​comparison is excellent. It's a fantastic way to hear the best recordings of each work. I hope to learn much in this blog.

duckjammy said...

I have a CD of Mozart's Piano Quartets with Les Adieux on Deutsche Harmonia Mundi 05472-77221. I would like to contribute. Are you interested? I am a regular contributer on Sankerib's Meeting in Music Blog.

Fly said...

Andreas Staier plays fortepiano with Les Adieux on the strings, right?
Yes, I would love to have this cd on the blog (also because I've never heard it) and I'm sure the rest of the visitors also very much appreciate your kindness. Then we combine the best form of collaboration. Mail? Link?

Annie said...

if you are not limited to your list i have lubin's version, too, if you need it. By the way, if you decide to act on beethoven's piano concertos set, just let me know...i own 86 different sets...maybe i can find time to rip and upload a few...

Annie said...

Please ignore my last comment. you have lubin on the list...i apologize

Anonymous said...

exelence..thx a lot..big from indonesia fly..:)

Fly said...


86 different sets??? Oh, my god! Crazy :)) All original cds? Purchased? Ok, then, at the time, we speak :)

Time Flies said...

Fly wrote:
Compare Mozart's piano concertos will be beautiful! :)

What makes me always use Bilson as the reference is because he played fortepiano... When Mozart created his piano works, there was no such piano like today's modern piano which have pedals; relying sustain all on the finger... Within the limitation of fortepiano thus the Mozart Piano works would be played possibly as closer as it get...

So, Fly, if you have other artist beside Bilson that also use fortepiano, could you please include it; so there will be more than one reference for forte piano sounds...

аффтор said...

dear Fly, i wonder of your solution to provoke the comparisons. unfortunately, the two of my favourite Mozart piano quartet renditions are on mid-50-ies Soviet vinyl (10" and 12" LPs resp.) and both are with Alexander Godenweiser at the piano. the first with Komitas Quartet members, the second with the very first and short-living assembly of Mark Lubotsky (violin), Rudolf Barshai (viola) and Valentin Berlinsky (cello) who were later trying to become a stable quartet now known as Borodin Qr.
IMO the most intriguing ensemble in your gathering is Quatuor Ysaÿe with Penetier at the piano (i own their rendition of Franck piano quintet, string quartet and violin sonata).
may i hope to find them uploaded?

Fly said...

Probably I didn't explained well. I don't have these 24 cds! :) Uff, would have to buy another house and would be a fortune! When I really like the work I buy 2, 3, 6...12 versions :), not all :)
After posting another two or three versions of the quartets we'll talk about the cds that were not published ...