Saturday, May 12, 2012

Friends / Visitors / Amigos / Visitantes

The increase of critical comments of some visitors to the model of this blog has generated demotivation and forced me to rethink its continuity.
Thank you all and good music. Always.
O aumento de comentários críticos por parte de alguns visitantes ao modelo deste blog obrigou-me a repensar a sua continuidade.
Obrigado a todos e boa música. Sempre.
I had promised myself, that for now, would not respond to any comment, but I have to make a clarification.
When you get comments like these,
"Why do you corrupt the original CD quality with "stereo calibration" or "special edition"?"
"Do not be a grouch, it is better not to touch the CD."
"I have compared some calibration and I think that worsens the sound! Everyone seems too focused and committed to the stage."
. think, am I doing a good job?
That is the question! I have nothing against criticism, I even thank you for your contribution and opinion (I remember I did test sound to your taste), but also don't accept arrogance and rudeness.
I take this opportunity to thank the tremendous support from many of you. Of course they leave my heart and I'm not indifferent to them.
Thanks and regards to all.
The vast majority of visitors to this blog are amazing. Good people.
You deserve all my attention and sympathy.

See you soon. I promise.
Hugs and kisses of friendship.


Diogo said...

Péssima notícia! O que acontece? Se a suspensão for permanente, sentirei muita falta...

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I'm so sad...I hope to be temporarily.
All the best for you and thank you !

Sincerely, Keyra

Andy said...

This is bad news, Fly! Whatever the reason is - I (and many others, I guess) will miss your blog - and your interesting comments, your "editions", your (musical) hospitality! I hope, you will be back some day.
Wishing you all the best and a big THANK YOU - for all the work you put into the blog, for providing a possibility of discussing amazing music and musicians...

Anonymous said...

Thank you for everything, dear mr. Fly!
Mauro from Italy

musiclover said...

I hope nothing serious has happened. A big hug !!!

Anonymous said...

Please don't give up!!!

kike said...

Estimado Fly,

que triste noticia que suspenda su blog por algunos comentarios impertinentes. Le sugiero continuar con un blog privado con una lista de invitados (agradecidos) que valoran su esfuerzo y tiempo.

gracias por todo lo compatido. Por favor piénselo.
un abrazo fraterno, Kike.

Fly said...


I feel sorry for visitors like you (and some others), and I apologize personally.

Yes, the blog private is one of the hypotheses but for now I prefer not to commit to anything.

I thought this was an interesting project for people. Exchange of ideas on what we hear and how we hear. It seems to have failed or at least not picked up the endorsement that I thought.

Thank you for your kindness always shown. We always have things in common. The music and...Bach :) Always.

kike said...

Dear Fly

I'll always thank you for your educational point of view on your blog. I wish you the best and as you say we have always Bach in common.

My kind regards & rethink the continuity of your fine work here.

best, Kike.

Anonymous said...

Dear Fly,

thank you very much for your outstanding work.
For the future i wish you all the best and and always wonderful music around you on your way.

Matt said...

Lamento mucho
Algún dia se entenderá que la música es universal


Anonymous said...

Si vuelve a activar o no tu blog, será decisión tuya. Sólo quiero agradecer ahora (pues no lo hice antes), todos los buenos momentos de música que me brindaste. Vivo en una pequeña ciudad de Chile donde hay sólo dos tiendas de discos y la oferta de música clásica es poca y a precios altos, así que mucha de la música que he escuchado en el último tiempo, ha salido de aquí de tu blog.
Infinitas gracias, de nuevo

Anonymous said...

For all the downloads I've made, and they are many, I thank you multiplied per 1000. Please don't give up if the only cause of it are the stupid comments made by ungrateful people.

I do like and appreciate your manipulations and seem to me as valid aesthetically as any other made in a professional studio. They are interesting and stimulating.


François-André said...

Thank you for introducing me to several wonderful pianists I had not heard before.

Sad to see you go, more sad that the "illegitimi" have succeeded in their "carborundum".

Obrigado ...

Addy Soller said...

I understand your position, because it must hurt to hear harsh criticism when you do a job with passion and without monetary profits. But it would be nice that you had a plan to return. Many blogs are disappearing and all are missing. This is special, among other things to be dedicated to the piano. I love the piano and so, for me, this is most needed.

Anonymous said...

Triste nouvelle.
Merci pour toute cette magnifique musique pour piano et ce travail énorme.
J'espère que vous reviendrez malgré ces stupides critiques qui ne méritent que mépris


Anonymous said...

Fly, ripensaci! Il tuo blog, focalizzato sul piano, è unico. E gli apprezzamenti mi pare siano generali. A presto, spero. Un abbraccio

Paul Brigg said...

Thanks for your excellent, painstaking work. I hope you'll decide to continue, after all.

Anonymous said...

Fly, ripensaci! Il tuo blog focalizzato sul piano è unico. E gli apprezzamenti mi sembrano di gran lunga più numerosi delle critiche - che ci saranno sempre, è normale. Spero di ritrovarti ancora qui, in prima linea, molto presto. Un abbraccio

Anonymous said...

Oh no
This was a brief sanctuary in my life

Best wishes and hope to meet you again

Anonymous said...

Too bad. I did like it.
Thanks for what you did anyway.

Anonymous said...

When people no longer have blogs will regret. Fly, Ice (from classicallibrary) and some other people are important in these systems. It was important not to let them go. I regret that some do not realize this and have an arrogant attitude in this and other blogs. I'm sorry and I hope this blog come back quickly.

Anton said...

Please, please rethink your decision to give up this blog. Don´t listen to the idiots who don´t value your work on behalf of great pianists and musical masters. I and many others at least appreciate your labors of love. So please go on...

Anonymous said...

Excellent blog - thank you for so much education - Let us know if you move to a new location.
Best wishes

Anonymous said...

NO!!! This is the best blog out there for pianophiles (such as myself)! Please don't quit :(

(I hope all the support demonstrated with these comments generates re-motivation!)

Anonymous said...

Fly, you are a star and if you require this hiatus, even permanently, we who have have enjoyed your blog can only offer thanks and best wishes. You deserve the best.


Elisa de Bettencourt said...

Eu agradeço tudo o que você nos tem dado. O seu blog é instrutivo. Aprendi que é estúpido ter o concerto nº 20 de Mozart tocado apenas por um pianista :) Estão quantos no seu blog? Você se lembra? Você postou 12, 15 diferentes versões! Lindo. E Evgeni Koroliov? Quase ninguém conhecia. Percebe a importância do seu blog? Fique conosco, por favor.

I appreciate everything you have given us. Your blog is instructive. I learned that it is stupid to have the concert No. 20 of Mozart played only by a pianist :) How many are in your blog? Do you remember? You posted 12, 15 different versions! Beautiful. And Evgeni Koroliov? Almost nobody knew. Realizes the importance of your blog? Stay with us, please.

Anonymous said...

Que Pena.

José (Brazil)

lam said...

Just one thing..........
Thank you

tendance said...

You have introduced us to a lot of wonderful music!

Please continue posting!

sungirl said...

Dear Fly, I have known you online now for getting on for five years and I have always really appreciated the music and photographs of your blogs. It seems that the people who disrupt and criticize have lately been given a new name..."trolls". It seems to me thats a good description of them, nasty little folk who hide under bridges and come out into the world to spread unpleasantness!...
Please dont take any notice of them, this latest one is very arrogant I noted they wanted to know your system as well,how invasive is that...
I hope after a while you decide to continue if not this blog then another. You have many friends wanting the same...
Take Care

Claudio said...

hello fly
please dont close the blog!

Anonymous said...

dear fly
your blog is awesome and we learned a lot from you.
wish we all can see you as soon as possible.

best regards,
yang from asia

Anonymous said...

Please don't stop. Your contributions are very much valued. I don't understand what anyone could complain about. I hope these positive comments will encourage you to keep going.

giappyc said...

so sad, love your blog so much :(!

Anonymous said...

How sad.
Don't listen to that.
You do a very good job

Anonymous said...

Personalmente no haría caso alguno a las críticas de cuatro imbéciles.
De cualquier forma hemos pasado ratos extraordinarios con tan excelentes músicas y no me gustaría que desapareciese de la red
Mil gracias, Julio, Madrid, espero que continúe

Robertokles said...

Una pena :(

Recupera fuerzas y espero que los comentarios adversos no te afecten demasiado.

Abrazos y gracias por todo.

Anonymous said...

You're never alone.
Cheer up, Amigo.

Anonymous said...

I'm very sorry for your decision. This was a wonderful source of musical pleasures and information.

All the best,

Sergio, Italy

PeterPan said...

Sorry to hear this. Dear Fly, I hope you are not offended by the critical comments left by some people. Only those who do nothing are not criticized. You can be sure that many people like me enjoyed your blog and the music you've decided to share with us.
Whatever your decision will be, thanks a lot for all your work.

Anonymous said...

How sad to think that some misguided creeps can spoil it for so many people. Fly, we will miss you,even if it is only temporarily.Please re think.
Many hugs


Anonymous said...

Fly, Obrigado pelo teu blog. Não deixes que comentaristas inibam a divulgação da música.
A música não se tem; usufrui-se.
Até breve

granric said...

Dear Fly,

criticism - as I see it - is however a positive component of life, even (or especially) when it aches.

It can be motivated, and then its value is evident. Even when it looks completely gratuitous and out-of-scope (as it is the case for so many rants here on the web), when you have the proper serenity, you still have the option to simply let it flow.
Or, the maturity to pick up some useful bits even from those comments, which ache the most.

Wish you the serenity that your work here deserves.


woong said...

좀 쉬세요. 그동안 수고 많이 하셨습니다. 피아노한가지만으로 끌고가기 힘드셨죠?

Fly said...

I had promised myself that for now, would not respond to any comment, but I have to make a clarification.

When you get comments like these,

"Why do you corrupt the original CD quality with "stereo calibration" or "special edition"?"

"Do not be a grouch, it is better not to touch the CD."

"I have compared some calibration and I think that worsens the sound! Everyone seems too focused and committed to the stage." think, am I doing a good job?

That is the question! I have nothing against criticism, I even thank you for your contribution and opinion (I remember I did test sound to your taste), but also do not accept arrogance and rudeness.

I take this opportunity to thank the tremendous support from many of you. Of course they leave my heart and I am not indifferent to them.

Thanks and regards to all.

Anonymous said...

Como sabes, caro moderador, há uma expressão em português (vernáculo, é certo...), que tem a ver com certos actos fisiológicos, que se praticam em lugares recatados, e, preferencialmente, longe da vista alheia. Tem uma mais prosaica tradução na expressão "estou-me marimbando!". Então tu partilhas música do melhor, profundamente variada, e depois ainda tens de aturar certos comentários? Segue o meu conselho: Marimba-te para eles, ou então, usa mesmo o vernáculo: eles que se "lixem". Por favor não abandones o "espaço etéreo", e continua alegremente a partilhar - um sinal de nobreza de carácter. Obrigado, e um cibernético abraço!

Francesco Natali said...

"Non ti curar di lor ma guarda e passa"

Dante Alighieri, Inferno, Capitolo III versi 51-53

Buhodós said...

Estimado señor:
Creo que Vd. tiene todo el derecho a llevar 'su' blog comno Vd. crea que debe hacerlo. Es encomiable la labor que está Vd. realizando. Vd. tiene todo el derecho a realizar lo que crea oportuno para presentar los CDs con la mejor calidad posible, ¡faltaría más! Si hay quien no le gusta, pues que se vaya a otro blog, o que cree el suyo con todos los problemas y gasto de tiempo que ello conlleva.
Por mi parte, sólo puedo decir lo mismo de antes. Muchas gracias por lo que está haciendo. Y a los críticos que no les gusta lo que Vd. hace, ¡que les den!
Gracias, otra vez.

Anonymous said...

Thank you, for works you did, sharing outstanding music on blog.

Anonymous said...

"When you get comments like these,..."

That is the reason?

Send them to the hell!
We will stay here, with you in your musical paradise.

jaimet said...

Una pena perder tan interesanate aporte a la difusión de la música realizada con tanta seriedad.

el gabo said...

¡Nooo! ¡No nos abandones...!

Anonymous said...

You have exquisite taste for your selections, with an
incredible ear for perfection. Please continue.
You are appreciated by most everyone!
Your blog is my absolute favorite!!

Thank you.

theblueamos said...

Iv just come bach,strait toM.F.P, to find the sad news!So first of all I would like to thank you for your relent less efforts,the music you shared was and is wonderful.I hope only good things come your way.Let me just ask you ,What are you going to do with all your positsve energy?the love and gratitude you recieved completely overpowers thefew nasty please remember it! If you ever get second thoughts remember there is a devoted croud just waiting to hear from you.All the best from jerusalem

theblueamos said...

So just come back,You see how much we all love you!

anagy said...

Dear Fly,

One should never let rude and angry people dictate how one chooses to live their lives. I personally find your calibrations very consistent to my taste and my observations about piano sound engineering in general. I, for one, would find the world a poorer place to live in if you permanently suspended your blog.

ipromesisposi said...

Take heart!

David Federman said...

My two cents is this: Your blog has been a treasure trove of discovery and insight. And criticism over quality of transfers is so offensively off point and low rent that I feel I have to apologize for the behavior of those cyber parasites who complain about the quality of a free lunch--even when it's a banquet. You deserve better. And I'm sorry my gratitude didn't arrive sooner. God bless you!

lipatti_ro said...

Thank you for everything.
I wish you all the best.

Zwen said...

Don't give up. Ther's a group of people without character and arrogant who walk by the blogs. They are birds of prey. Lost souls.

lipatti_ro said...

... Oh
... me again
I just wanted to add that you really broadened my music knowledge.
It was really great visiting your blog on daily basis.
I will surely miss it.

Anonymous said...

La tua opera è preziosa, Fly. Non lasciarti scoraggiare. E manchi a molti, come hai potuto vedere da questi commenti... A presto!

Anonymous said...

I feel so sad that I want to cry..It is sad to think that the blog is going to be suspended due to the egotism of some people who are unable to appreciate the efforts you were doing just to please us..How could they demand anything from you as if uploading the music and editing it was not enough!!
Let me tell you that I feel dissappointed at that kid of people..I feel angry and sad

UrsArc said...


Like everyone else, thanks for all of your efforts and you will be greatly missed. Best of luck in all of your future endeavors and hope to find you on the web again, some day soon.


Anonymous said...

Why would humans bother about what rats think? Of course it's unpleasant to get negative criticism for so much time spent in a generous cause, but, again, why bother about vermin?
Whatever your decision, thank you so much for your dedication and generosity. Thank you for the wonderful music! God bless!

lasavixa said...

Dear Fly, I hope you reconsider your decision, because many have been following you during this time we miss you.
Wish you the best.

fleury said...

Thank you so much for all the music you've share with us!

Meanwhile, if some people are critical of your calibrations, could you make both the original and your versions available? Then everyone could compare, and pick whichever they prefer! Everyone would be happy!

Especially all of us who love the music you've shared with us!

Anonymous said...

Thank you Fly for all that you have contributed with: all the music, your preparation of the calibrated programmes, your comments and sometimes very beautiful imagery. Goodbye./Fanny Xenakis

YiannisK said...

Dear Fly,
Why pay attention to some jerks who think they have entered a CD shop carrying their portable HI FI gadget to test the sound of the products and then leave without buying anything to visit the next shop. To be able to talk about sound quality with their jerk friends in the evening, listening to the recordings they decided to be perfect, without listening to the music itself. I am sure about that, I happen to know such people.
As you must have noticed reading our messages, there are lots of people out there in the Internet, who not only appreciate your selfless dedication but who also admire your gusto.
It is so sad to lose a source of hope and beauty these difficult days.
Please change your mind and let them go to hell. Just ignore them, the way they ignore you’re your efforts.
Many greetings from a suicidal Greece.

YiannisK said...

There is a saying in Greek that goes: “Write the names of jerks on the soles of your old shoes.”
Please do it! It helps a lot. If you don't have a pair of old shoes, I'll gladly send you mine.
We are poor already. Don’t make us feel poorer…

Fly said...

Hehehehe! I like it: "...from a suicidal Greece"!!! It's like Portugal! :)

Many greetings from suicidal Portugal.

Pst.... Taking into account what is happening in our countries, and due to shortage of money to buy cds, have to solve the thing in another way: to share! Continue to share! :)

See you soon ;)

Fly said...

Hehehe! :)))) I even gave a laugh!

The vast majority of visitors to this blog are amazing. Good people.
You deserve all my attention and sympathy.

See you soon. I promise.

Hugs and kisses of friendship.

Vivelo said...

Oi, Fly, agradeço muito todas as suas postagens, são mesmo ótimas. Que bom que voce vai continuar!! Apesar de estar em um país irmão, o Brasil, nunca ouvi falar de Bernardo Sassetti, o que é uma pena. Muita coisa tenho descoberto nesses blogs, ultimamente tão combatidos, mas em minha humilde opinião são essenciais para espalhar a cultura pelo mundo todo. Continue a levar algum alento para a Grécia suicida e para todos nós.

lipatti_ro said...

Now this is some good news!

Looking forward to see you again...

YiannisK said...

And now something about the quality of you calibrations:
I have been working for two decades as a moderator in the Third Programme of the Greek National Radio, choosing and presenting classical music. I don’t play any instrument myself, but I have a very sharp ear and an unerring gut for pitch, appreciated by quite a few composer friends of mine. (I am not megalomaniac, I know what I can.)
In my opinion the piano is the most difficult instrument to capture on a recording device – analogue or digital. What you did was always a considerable improvement, especially with mediocre recordings. I enjoyed this improvements on my very expensive equipment (which I bought some years ago, when I was “rich”, that is a normally paid working citizen).
So now you have a professional opinion. Keep it in mind and go on making us happy…and richer!

theblueamos said...

I do not know how many people visit your blog,but you see how much appriciation there is of your wonderful energy.all the best

Fly said...

Until blushed :) / Thanks!

Vivelo, lipatti_ro, YiannisK, theblueamos,... and all:

I was surprised with so many comments. I never imagined so many people interested in the blog. I always thought there were a dozen faithful followers and other visitors would be occasional...
I was wrong. I feel that now the requirement and responsibility of my shares is higher ...
Modestly, I hope to meet your wishes and continue to deserve your appreciation.

BachRocks44 said...

Why do you pay the slightest bit of attention to the negative comments? Most of us appreciate more than we usually say all your hard work, your wonderful collection, and your impeccable taste in all things musical! Thanks for all of it.

kike said...

Keep up the great job here!

Obrigrado, K.

Fly said...

Thanks. People like you deserve. I will continue the blog, yes. With some minor changes. One is sent directly to the trash comments arrogant and unjust. Those who are critical but constructive and polite are always welcome.

Anonymous said...

I want to thank you for your wonderful. I've enjoyed it. I was very interested in the direction you had taken your blog recently. I thought the, may I call it, "Here is how I think it should sound" approach was unique and worthwhile. I am grateful for what you've done here. And even if I knew more about the nature of the negative comments that have been so discouraging, I wouldn't presume to advise you. Except do what seems likely to bring you the most happiness.

Paul Brigg said...

nil carborundum illegitemi

Anonymous said...

Don´t give up. Si usted abandona, los estúpidos se estarán riendo a carcajadas.

Moito obrigado

Anonymous said...

Realmente es una pena que se pierda un sitio como este (de los mejores que hay). Siempre van a existir detractores (envidiosos o mediocres)que les molesta el desarrollo de blogs de la calidad de este. Espero que vuelvas y serás recibido con los brazos abiertos. Un gran abrazo desde Argentina

quantum said...

¡No por favor! No haga caso de estúpidos... Su labor en este blog es fantástica. Muchos abrazos.

giappyc said...

thank so much :*