Sunday, March 11, 2012

Part 3 / The Secret Of Piracy On The Blog The Music For Piano

Since I opened the door to my privacy, and a part of my space, I couldn't resist to post another picture. The craze is so big (meaning number of CDs) that the shelves have two layers of CDs. Some are ahead and others behind! From floor to ceiling! It's complicated, but I have no alternative. More than 10,000 CDs take up much space. Do you see now because sometimes I do not find CDs? And they're here in my house. PURCHASED!
Já que eu abri as portas à minha privacidade, e a uma parte do meu espaço físico, eu não resisti a publicar mais uma foto. A loucura é tão grande (entenda-se quantidade de CDs) que as prateleiras têm duas camadas de CDs. Uns ficam à frente e outros atrás! Do chão ao tecto! É complicado, mas não tenho alternativa. Mais de 10 000 Cds é muita coisa. Vocês percebem agora porque às vezes eu não encontro CDs? E estão cá em minha casa. COMPRADOS!


amigosdeltango said...

Hi dear friend!

I've just visited your wonderfull blog and I read all these things that man wrote. I feel pity for him...
I visit every day your blog! It give me great pleasure that there are people like you who like this kind of music, piano music espesially and share cds, thoughts, ideas. I own about 1000 cds and 300 LPs with classical piano music which I love very passionate! I have complete piano music scores (originals, not photo copies)of almost every composer, known and unknown. But I don't know to play piano! I keep them just for someone who may be interested and maybe give him the inspiration and be a great pianist! You never know! I want to thank you for being here, in our lives and make our days shining. Keep walking!

Anonymous said...

Well mister you amaze me ..So much music you have bought and I imagine all the working hours you must have spent to achieve your goal..
Corporations steal the music from impoverished communities all over the world..they want to copyright the traditional music of my country,,,the songs that mu grandma sung to me no longer available or at very high price
Then there is the fact that these works belong to all mankind because only a man drunk with pride and power would be capable of thinking that he owns Brahms. Mozart, Beethoven
We, the people, own the music as well as we own our national cuisine, as we own Chekhov, Tolstoi or in painting Rembrandt o Dürer
Then if corporations pun in our hands ways to buy music at affordable prices ..things would be quite different..if governments in countries bend under corruption made an effort to educate their people..
See my point are doing nothing wrong..that's what I think

Anonymous said...

thank you

Green Lion said...

É pá, não te chateies, manda o gajo mamar na 5ª pata do cavalo.
Ou lembra-lhe que o Barcelona tem 10 de atraso para o Real Madrid.

Aqui para nós, essa é uma das razões pelas quais não me dou ao trabalho de fazer um blog. De vez em quando ponho um CD/DVD no Demonoid, e é tudo.

Abraços e continua o teu trabalho. Como dizemos em português, os cães ladram e a caravana passa.

Iason said...

Thank you

Anonymous said...

Wonderful collection, mr. Fly! I wonder how can you find a cd in the hidden rack? Do you have a computerized archive? It reminds me of the library in Il Nome Della Rosa :)))) Keep on blogging, please! Mauro

Fly said...

Ahaha:) Nothing on the computer. Everything in my head :) Or almost everything :) The biggest problem is even finding some CDs ... especially those who lag behind.

Anonymous said...

I'm in awe! It reminds me of something from Borges. And more importantly, please can I come and live with you!!???

Thanks for sharing your AMAZING collection.

lam said...

Thx for your share

Froglita said...

I wish I were your neighbor. I would volunteer to drop by everyday and dust up for you, maybe even help in cataloging your CDs. Haha!

Orion said...

Dear Fly. My most sincere thanks for your blog. I'm catalan and I dare to say that this person may live here, but the Catalan character in general is very innovative, always has been in all fields (remember the Catalan artists who broke molds). And opinions like the angry guy not heard around here.
And I think that most who visit your blog not only appreciate the good music we listen to you, but your sensitivity on the pictures and comments you post.
Best wishes

Anonymous said...

hi dear music lover!
just want you to know that this is
Delightful to visit your blog
bless you
alex from israel

alex said...

hi dear music lover!
just want you to know that this is
Delightful to visit your blog
bless you
alex from argentina

but our home is your blog
many, many thanks

RonanM said...

I must show these pictures to my wife, who thinks I have too many CDs! And many thanks for making all these out-of-print and hard-to-find treasures available.

Anonymous said...

derechos de autor ,de quien ,de los autores que nos ocupa,quien los administra?
las discograficas...las SGAES Corruptas quiennnn.
es vergonzosa que no le licencien ,solo la avaricia lo justifica asi pues con esa politica de recaudacion .
y precios abusivos nunca nos animaran a comprar musica clasica ni de otro tipo donde no existe autor
al que pagar.
Bajo el manto de los derechos de autor solo se esconde avaricia de los grandes negocios
Pobres autores a los que pagan migajas y dicen proteger.

Anonymous said...

I do the same: two rows of CDs, one behind the other!

Thanks for all your hard work.