Saturday, March 10, 2012

Part 2 / Pirating And Stealing Other People's Work?

(*) see "From Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain" the post before this
Mr. Guest Owner of Truth (*): which of these CDs you want me to publish next?

I'm the pirate? I promote piracy? Not me. Perhaps some publishers. I know very well what is the price. All my life I bought music. Many, many recordings. Thousands. I 'suffered' and 'suffer' because of the high price of CDs. I paid dearly thousands of classical music CDs (without referring to the CDs of jazz, blues, folk, rock, ethnic, and... 7000 LPs!). I have CDs and LPs all over the house! Take a look at the pictures. Mr. Guest Owner of Truth, do you want more photos?
Mr. Guest Owner of Truth: buy one or two cds and start to like music!


Anonymous said...

What a collection... very impressive. Not so much for the numbers (I'm sure I must own as many...) but for the incredible organization! WOW!


Denis Amadeus said...

wow! i'm simply in awe of your collection. it's magnificent. anyway you've my sincere gratitude!

Anonymous said...

Any chance you might have Vladimir Tropp's disc on Denon of Scriabin Preludes op.11 and Medtner's "Second Improvisation"?

I'll bet "Mr. Guess Owner of Truth" from Barcelona is looking for that one as well ;)

Fly said...

No, I only have two Tropp's CDs: "Russian Melancholy" and "Plays Chopin".

Anonymous said...

Oh, well! Have those two Tropp discs already...thank you anyway though!

Froglita said...

I wonder if you have anything by Amparo Iturbi? I don't think she was ever issued on CD.
I have an LP of Goyescas and some French music. That's all.
I've never been able to upgrade my stereo system that's why I still keep all my LPs. Maybe one day, I will be able to buy a new stereo system and transfer some rare LPs to digital.

Anonymous said...

first of all, SALUTE !

Let them eat their own cake, and for now, I am enjoying your postings !

yes, I also own that Zacharias Beethoven piano concertos boxset.

Anonymous said...

Dear friend, I write with a translator, I apologize. Anonymous Catalan do not know what it says. That their foolish words offend you, the insults, lies, rudeness, ignorance, offend not only hurt the sensitivity. I feel ashamed, again, to be Spanish, and anyway, the Catalans do not feel Spanish, feel superior, better, smarter, more European.
I, personally, I thank you very much for sharing all that you tango hard-won effort, and also congratulate you for being a generous person and for the tremendous work that you carry on.
A big hug from the rest of Spain.

scamar said...

Spectacular collection! Thanks for sharing.

Fly said...


I have no recording of pianist Amparo Iturbi. Sorry.

bohuslav said...

Hi Fly,
my wife says I am a crazy collector, so i can show her this pictures and its the truth i am not alone ;O) next time i prepare a special room in the basement in my house, we call it archive room. So she can now decorade pictures on the wall in the livingroom...and i hear music in the archive room...

We are no pirates! only musiclovers and we have paid a lot of money for our collections.

Greetz from

Anonymous said...

Thats... impressive.

fierrabras said...

This is a real comment too.

Please, go on and let this stupid little brains produce their noise. I'm a crazy collector too, I own around 5.000 cd and lp, and I enjoy very much your work. I discovered new recordings on your blog, and it nourished my passion for music.

I'm a professional of classical music criticism, and I can say that It's very clear that the catalan poor boy doesn't know classical music world at all.

Many thanks to you for sharing your passion, and shame, shame to the Catalan Owners of the Truth – probably Madonna or Shakira fans. It's passion that keep alive the music world, not the little brains that give eco to Shakira Music Industry.

Fly said...

Thanks for your support and comments. Good to see you comment CDs posted here. Compliments to the blog are always nice but not what interests me most. I liked that visitors comment on the CDs published and indicate alternatives. That would be important to everyone.

Anonymous said...

I'm from Russia. Thank you for all !!! I'm sorry, you have a CD: Christian Zacharias - Chopin: Piano Concertos 1 & 2.

Fly said...

I have the CD but don't know him. I did works at home (painting walls) and many CDs were out of order. I cann't find it. Last month I went almost a day to look for him. I'm sorry. If I find the CD I promise I'll publish it.

Borboletas de Jade said...

Saudação nobre amigo e uma vez mais louvo a maneira pela qual subtraiu esse comentário maldoso e sem nexos aparente. Sou blogueiro (administro uma pagina de Jazz) e tenho ao longo desse curso enfrentado situações similares como essa bem como o desmotivo de continuar, mas quando olho para a maioria que em sua totalidade abraça e incentiva deixo de lado e parto pra luta. Sou admirador de vosso trabalho bem como bebo dessa fonte já algum tempo, enriquecendo minha coleção de clássicos e líricos (Óperas) bem como o jazz que circula nas veias desse amante inveterado. Fica o convite para uma singela e modesta visita o meu blog e como mencionado, estarei sempre garimpando perolas postadas de vossa admirável coleção. Buda certa vez disse: “Se o problema tem solução, não há porque se preocupar com ele, mas se ele não tem solução, a preocupação será inútil se comparada ao resultado desejado". Fique na paz, seja ditoso e prospero – Namaste. (

Mir said...

Flysinho, só pra te dizer que fiquei cheia de inveja com estas tuas estantes!!!!! Num se faz publicar fotos destas e ter a lata de dizer são todos meus!!!! :+P!!!

Quanto ao resto, não ligues nem lhe dês tanta importância!

Beijinho muito grande e não pares de publicar eu aqui já aprendi muitas coisas que ainda não conhecia!! outra beijoca!

Fly said...


Hehehe :) que bom ver-te lá (Fly Fly Fly) e aqui :)
Música só há UMA, claro :)

Beijinho especial*

liebestraumer said...

Hi! in your great colection do you will have a very rare Claudio Arrau cds? Im a very good fan of your music!! thanks for sharing.

Fly said...

What rare Arrau's CDs?

Anonymous said...

Ouch, I look at your collection and I think to mine. I'm very found of old LP's and they look at me within my music chamber. More than 15.000 lp's from 1950 to 1990 and then CDs but all decoded to MP3 and stored to big boxes in another room. Problem of space and because the library was made years before CD format. And I ask to all "stupid" big record labels id we could be "labeled" as pirates ... How many CD did I buy thank to blogs like yours? Many, many many more that if I could not have the chance to listen to a record. And so ... ? Yes you're like a publisher ... thank you - Ale55