Sunday, March 11, 2012

Brahms / Intermezzi & Klavierstucke / Valery Afanassiev

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Jamphetamine said...

Thank you for making it possible to listen to these discs and beautiful music.

I am a member of the pop-generation, never listened to Classical music.
On the opposite, because of "the generation gap" I had to hate classical music.
Oh and to belong to a peer-group in the 70's... Brahms was "Not Done".
Yes, I am buying classical music right now...

Thank you!

Fly said...

Glad that you are available to understand the history of music. It's fascinating. Welcome :)

Anonymous said...

Afanassiev slowness in recordings is an acquired taste.

I remembered I bought his late Schubert sonatas, also on DENON. Back then in the 90s, Richter CDs were everywhere. Certainly Richter has a commanding style in Schubert, which is also slow in tempo.

Since I changed the topic here, I might as well mention Richter Schubert D 894 on Philips. Definitely one of the few discs that captured the magic of Richter.

And I am sure my dear piano CD collector has the disc in your library.

Anonymous said...

Nice place you got here and thanks for sharing

Thaison said...

Don't be saddened by comment from one person. You have support from the majority of people who love classical music. I agree price of classical music is expensive. However, I have been buying many classical CDs that I like from charity shops.

Thank you very much for sharing your treasure trove.

N.B. By the way, I like these late works from Brahms. Very intimate, revealing the thoughts of the ageing composer. I think Clifford Curzon's version on Decca is the best!

Fly said...

All recordings of Curzon are of high quality. A gentleman and a master.

Claudio said...

thank you fly!
the sound of denon is really extraordinary.
I think every pianist give a personal style to this intimate pieces, afannasev play slow tempos and I like it.
Claudio Arrau is another pianist who plays slow and the result is so beautiful
chek out his final sessions the andante of Schubert sonata G894 or his clair the lune from Debussy Suite bergamasque
the best versions that Id never heard

Anonymous said...

Two down, one to go?
Have this one too...but waiting to see what other Afanassiev disc you might have ;)

Thanks again!