Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Thanks / Clarification / Help

Now the comments are many! :) I'm very pleased :) Whenever possible I will respond individually.
For now is my collective thanks. Thank you all. The best way I can give back is to invest more in the blog.
The blog has no commercial purposes and therefore will have no paid advertising. That's all for love of music and for the pleasure of sharing.
 A visitor had problems converting the files FLAC/CUE. I appreciate you telling me if everything is fine with the files. Anyone else had problems?


RonanM said...

I use a Mac and the free application XLD is what I use to convert FLAC to Apple Lossless. It also reads cue files, rips CDs and makes really fine coffee.
For lossless audio editing, I use Fission, which also reads cue files. But it's about €30 - well worth it, though, if you edit audio.

Fly said...

Thanks anyway, but I may not have explained myself well :)

I have no problems to decompress files FLAC/CUE. A visitor made ​​the decompression and gave him an error. I wonder if this happened to anyone else ...

Bill said...

I had no problems, either. Thank you.

Fly said...


Thanks :)