Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Convert Flac/Ape/Mp4 - Cue to Wav or Burn Flac/Ape/Mp4 - Cue to CD

Se tem problemas em converter os ficheiros FLAC/APE/MP4 - CUE para o formato WAV ou MP3
ou se pretende gravar um CD directamente dos ficheiros CUE, tente este software. É antigo e simples, mas funciona.
If you have problems converting files in FLAC/APE/MP4 - CUE to MP3 or WAV format
or if you want to burn a CD directly from CUE files, try this software. It is old and simple, but it works.
Player to listen FLAC/APE/MP4 files

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for a helpful reply, Fly. The software you reference won't split a FLAC without a simultaneous format conversion/encode, so for producing individual FLAC's to listen to as FLAC's it's not the right answer. Medeaval Cue Splitter works well with many FLAC-Cue sets but for some reasons with yours I've needed to invert gaps and/or edit the cue sheet, but goodness knows I don't mean to complain as your posts are very special and worth any amount of effort. I'll keep working on it and if I find a good solution will share with the group.

BTW, Pedro Burmester's GV is terrific, yet I'd never heard of this pianist previously. Thank you so much for the wonderful, broadening education you so generously provide those of us looking to deepen our appreciation of the classical keyboard literature.