Thursday, December 29, 2011

Informação / Information

Um dos objectivos deste blogue é tornar disponível para download cds fora de produção. O esforço não tem sido apreciado ou reconhecido. Vou repensar a continuidade do blogue ou então vai tornar-se privado. A ausência de colaboração mínima (comentários) e a permanente realização de links dos cds para outros blogues (fazer links de cds pode causar problemas ao blogue de origem) são as razões.
One objective of this blog is to make available for download cds out of production. The effort has not been appreciated or recognized. I'll rethink the continuity of the blog or it will become private. The absence of minimum collaboration (comments) and the permanent realization of the cds links to other blogs (links to cds can cause problems to the blog of origin) are the reasons.
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[ music of excellence ] [ for me they are the best recordings of these sonatas ]


Jaime Silva said...

Se o puseres privado dá-me permissão, ok? Abraço. Bom Ano!

granric said...

Dear Fly,

as I wrote to you a few weeks ago, do you share this music for the pleasure of sharing, or just for the pleasure of recognition?

Case 1., please stop whining. Faithful readers of this blog (as well as of others) can easily recognize where original contributions come from.

Case 2., you've all privileges to share your favourite toys with your fellow friends, and with them alone. And again, do it, stop bothering your audience with these childish threats - and go get playing in your fenced backyard.

Publishing something on the Web means understanding (if not acceptance) of a full range of behaviours different from our owns, from grabbing without a single word, up to the rudeness of inappropriate linking. I admit being keen on the former, measuring my appreciation for contents from the frequency of getting back to some site.

"It's the web, beauty".

Wish you all the best, however.


Claudio said...

amigo por favor continuar con el blog!!!
please my frien continue with the blog!!!

RonanM said...

As one of the people who has left comments, all I can say is get used to it. About 300 people a day visit my blog, but the comments sections are really just conversations between me and about six other people who really care about the music.

And who are the others? I don't know. But I just hope that their lives are touched by the music.

I've been listening, fascinated, to the Lisitsa Beethoven you posted. Where do you get such recordings? It's playing that is astonishing and frustrating by turns, but never dull. Thank you once again.

baz said...

For each of us who comments to thank you, there are many others who share the feeling but don't write. I was a teacher for 25 years, and my former students occasionally thank me - though I take on faith that many more feel the same way but don't speak up. So please keep the faith! You are much appreciated.

To talk shop for a moment - what do you think of Pietro de Maria? Here in the States I don't get to hear his work though I've read about it. If you have access to his Decca Chopin series I'd love to hear some.

Fly said...


Your comment is unfair and unreasonable. Regrettable. I don't agree with you. Sharing means giving and receiving. The blog is visited daily by 200 to 400 people. Do you think it's right that only one person comment my Merry Christmas' post?

Anonymous said...

what the link download album??

Fly said...


Thank you for your words of support. Unfortunately I do not have the cds of Pietro de Maria. I'm sorry.

Fly said...


There have been changes in the order of the postings. Links to these CDs will be available shortly.

Luv said...

Lack of courtesy. The "boy" Ric is not very friendly. A hug and thank you for your blog. It's a pleasure.

Sarah said...

Unfortunate comment, Ric. Thank you, Fly. You have a quality blog and thank you for that reason. We won all.

Anonymous said...

The range of human behaviour and ettiquite (or lack thereof) expressed herein is likely a cross-section of your blog readers. Some are selfish boors, others are deeply appreciative classical piano music lovers looking for enlightenment but the skilled hand with which you select posts to put forward. Your blog is classy and quite full of joys and even surprises, so please know that it is appreciated even when busy lives, bad manners or both prevent some from acknowledging the joy you bring.

With best wishes for a splendid New year, Fly.


BTW, I showed the beautiful Botticelli's to my wife. She loves visual art as I love music, and you touched us both!

Fly said...

It's very nice to hear kind words. Thank you.

Cristto said...

It is unfortunate that there are those who download without appreciation or leaving even a simple Thank you! There are also those who do not realize the work which goes into ripping a CD, scanning the covers/booklets, and then uploading the files and maintaining the links. I do not have the pleasure of coming here everyday due to my hectic schedule. When i do, I look forward to quality piano music which I can listen to. I want to thank you again for your wonderful blog and let you know that there are those who do appreciate all your hard efforts.