Friday, December 30, 2011

Reply To A Comment

To Granric / Ric
Your comment is unfair and unreasonable. Regrettable. I don't agree with you. Sharing means giving and receiving.
The blog is visited daily by 200 to 400 people. Do you think it's right that only one person comment the Merry Christmas' post?


Luv said...

Lack of courtesy. The "boy" Ric is not very friendly. A hug and thank you for your blog. It's a pleasure.

Temilotzin said...

I am almost blind is the first thing I say..I am almost blind and as darkness crouches around me and I feel it's dark the onscure wings of that strange bird cover mu etes to take to a place where there is no light I do not cry
Because the piano is still singing to me, softly and gently..I can see the colours of music, those colours that can only be seen with the eyes of the soul
I do not know who that Rick is and I do not care..The only thing I say is that you have brought my soul to life again..

Anonymous said...

Because it is so daunting to me to navigate all the intracacies of responding on so many hubs, I have become inured to the responding process, and I am one of the guilty ones who was caring for family at Christmas and didn't take the time to thank you for all you do for us. I am especially happy about the addition of the lossless files! This is the only place I have taken anything but lossless--and it's because your choices are so great! Do you need a financial contribution? Please reply privately if so. I tried to write this earlier, and I think I botched it. Still, if you get two similar messages, just consider me doubly appreciative and keep them both private? Thanks, and Happy New Year.

gmfp said...

Espero que sigas sin cerrar el blog. Creo que el mismo es buenísimo, y nos sentiremos que falta algo especial.
Que tengas un feliz año y un fuerte abrazo de tus amigos