Tuesday, May 22, 2012

The Music For Piano / 0192

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This is the eighth proposal for the comparative dedicated to Mozart's Piano Quartets.
 The attractive performances may make this cd worth hearing, but audiophiles should skip it :)
(by mistake the texture of the covers didn't appear)


Anonymous said...

don´t really know if there is so much to complain sonically about this recording. The sound is crystalclear , although a bit too much projected forwardly. But the sound of the Bilson recording is even more forward.

kike said...

Estimado Fly,

un posteo sorprendente éste que compartes. Pero lo que hace aún más interesante es el arreglo para instrumentos de la época, en mi opinión.
Por todo lo dicho, un millón de gracias por todo lo que compartes.

un abrazo fraterno, K.

Robertokles said...

Gracias por esta nueva prueba para la investigación musical sobre los cuartetos con piano :)

Fly said...

The original recording of this quartets had some problem with the capture and sound mix. The capture of the piano sound wasn't very well controlled and there are even little 'lapses' of sound. The sound mix also wasn't always performed well, especially in times of high flow and sound intensity.

It isn't easy to record the sound of a fortepiano. It's a sound chromatically 'weak' and 'raw'. If the recording is far away it almost disappears in the hearing and if it's recorded very front is 'annoying' to the listener. There's a phrase from a critic who characterizes well this cd: "The attractive performances may make this album worth hearing, but audiophiles should skip it."

It was, after all, the recording quartets chosen to represent a collection of Mozart's complete works of a well known record label.