Wednesday, May 16, 2012

The Music For Piano / 0187

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[ special edition ]
Malcolm Bilson placed to the right of the other musicians :)
(the piano placed in the right channel)

Elimination of a small noise in the 12/13 seconds of track #5.
Elimination of noise between tracks.
Stereo calibration.
This is the third proposal for the comparative dedicated to Mozart's Piano Quartets.
The piano in Mozart's time: fortepiano/hammerklavier/pianoforte.
All the musicians on period instruments.


Helen Rhun said...

This blog is, day after day, getting better.


Anonymous said...

Caro Fly, ho appeno finito di ascoltare Ax & Co. che mi sono piaciuti più del previsto... Grazie dell'abbondante offerta!

Vivelo said...

Thanks, Fly. I never heard these quartets before. I'll listen carefully and maybe after I'll have something to say about them. Or not, but I'll learn something for sure.

François-André said...

I enjoyed very much the Bilson, which I don't think I had ever heard before.

Careful searching is beginning to unearth more examples in my collection. A 1952 recording by Curzon & Amadeus Qt is very interesting.

I continue to look for others!

Glória Silveira said...

Thank you for everything. The idea of ​​comparison is excellent. It's a fantastic way to hear the best recordings of each work. I hope to learn much in this blog.

Anonymous said...

what lovely music i truly hope you can also share the mozart piano quartets with the amadeus quartet and walter klein like you have in the picture. It is wonderful to be able to compare the different ways others play the Mozart Piano quartets thank you. alex.

mt said...

Tempted to try this one but not impressed by Bilson in concertos. Holding out for Festitics version.

diletanti said...

Amadeus Qrt with W. Klein would be very interesting to hear - did not know it existed and do not see such cd anywhere!