Monday, April 30, 2012

The Music For Piano / 0180

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 special edition with:
 stereo calibration
correct index / full tracks uncut
small defect in the track number 14 corrected


alex said...

many thanks fly

Andy said...

Thank you very much, Fly, for the disc - an the work you put on it!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for this wonderful CD!
Do you perchance happen to have any Alexander Romanovsky CDs on Decca?

(If so, please consider posting them!)

Anonymous said...

Fly, what an interesting opportunity to compare the 2 versions. When I first listened to 0179 I found Gavrilov's tempi to be a bit brisk for my taste in several of the variations. However, something magical happened when auditioning these same tracks in 0180: With the more cleanly seperated and articulated contrapuntal bass line "anchoring" the playing, the tempi seemed to slow and "fit" the pianist's expression, still highly energetic but without running wild or "flying away" (no pun intended.) This illustrates how the recorded sound characteristics can alter one's perception of a performance, something I suspect listeners and critics don't frequently consider fully when judging a performer.

Again, thanks for all you do to promote appreciation of fine piano music. it is truly appreciated by this humble listener.


theblueamos said...

Thank you very much for this seconed vertion,I havent compared it yet ,although I think I know the result.I hope it is not rood of me but I would like to bring everybodies ettention to the lazar berman disk on:meetting in music blog.all the best

Fly said...

It's interesting to hear different opinions about the two posts of the same cd: original (179) and "special edition" (180). Regardless of differences of opinion, I thank you for your appreciations.

harry said...

Thank you for this Bach disks. And when listening to Bach, I always think about another composer named Galuppi. His keyboard sonatas is as sacred as Bach's keyboard music, but more simple and humanistic. Hope you can post that someday.

geofflebowski said...

this is a great piece of work.Wow.Thanks.