Saturday, April 14, 2012

Mozart / Piano Concertos 20 & 23 / Ivan Moravec / Neville Marriner

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Claudio said...

hello fly, y have a question
the special edition with better sound (stereo calibration) is doing by yourself?
thank you good post!

Appassionato said...

Many thanks for Ivan Moravec's Mozart.

Andy said...

Thank you, Fly, for the two amazing Mozart discs of Ivan Moravec. Only a few months ago I listened for the first time to Moravec's Chopin (till that I only knew the name) - he is really GREAT! And now the Mozart...

Thank you so much,

theblueamos said...

thank you very much from jerusalem,special edition or not.

alex said...

yes, many many thanks fly special edition or not, it´s always generous