Wednesday, April 4, 2012

I'm back but with bad news / Estou de regresso mas com más notícias

I came on vacation and my mailbox was not good news. Most of Hyperion cds (Livia Rév, Angela Hewitt) had involvement of copyright.
Always be to prove that the cds are mine, it's a hassle, but if I don't proof it, the blog may be removed at any time. I'll think what to do...
I appreciate ideas and opinions on how to continue to share music with you.
Cheguei de férias e a minha caixa de correio não tinha boas notícias.
A maior parte dos cds da Hyperion (Lívia Rév, Angela Hewitt) tinham participação de direitos de autor.
Estar permanentemente a provar que os cds são meus, é uma trabalheira, mas se eu não fizer a comprovação,
o blogue poderá ser eliminado a qualquer momento. Vou pensar o que fazer...
Eu agradeço ideias e opiniões sobre a forma de continuar a partilhar música convosco.


Anonymous said...

My dear Fly, proving that the CDs are yours will not solve your problem; owning a CD does not entitle you to share it on the internet. If you want to save your blog, you should immediately remove each and every one of the CDs that were concerned by the complaint, immediately, and if they are all from Hyperion, you should stop posting Hyperion Records, definitely. If they come back and see that you have posted more, they will complain again and you will loose your blog.

At any rate, Hyperion CDs abound on the net, and it is for the rarer labels that you are unique and so precious. Please be careful, we do not want to lose those rare posts!

Cheer up! Tamia

Anonymous said...

I hope that there is a way to go on to promote those great artist.
Thanks for everything.
Fred NL

Anonymous said...

Estimado Fly

el punto es que el FBI va a terminar con mediafire muy pronto por el tema de derechos de autor.

Si puedes respaldar tu trabajo, creo que es el momento.

Lamento mucho que algunos gringos desgraciados esten contra el compartir con otros archivos.

un saludo fraterno, K.

harry said...

Be careful!

Anonymous said...

Ah, that's a pity! They've found you...another blog targeted in this continuing onslaught against online "piracy".

Of course you are in copyright violation, that is obvious and so there's no point to trying to fight it!

I wish people would stop pretending it's all about "promoting the artists". Let's be honest, shall we? It's about getting this music for free or when we can't find it elsewhere. I don't have a problem with that, as I have a huge collection of music acquired in this manner, which I could never have afforded to do if I had to buy each individual disc. But I don't pretend it's something it's not.

Anyway, I agree you should try to take cited posts down first and hope that's the end of it. But you may end up having to start a new blog I'm sorry to say.
I hope you do!

Thank you for everything you've posted, and I hope you are able to continue somehow.

Anonymous said...

Good luck with the changes!

Anonymous said...

Open new blog on other platform.

Anonymous said...

No entiendo nada de tecnología y no puedo aportr nada al grupo. Sí te animo a continuar como puedas y con una medida razonable de esfuerzo.
Saludos a todos
Julio, Madrid

Anonymous said...

By now, only Rapidshare and 4shared survive. But till when?
Thank you for your precious blog (I know it sounds like a goodbye, but these are hard times for music blogs).


Anonymous said...

I would start another blog

expanium said...

I have had several complaints from the DMCA on blogger. (Sony, Verve, etc.) that Google remove the blog I see it unlikely, but make a backup of your blog ever, and upload the files to another cyberlocks

Anonymous said...

Dear Fly

puedes crear un blog privado, donde lo visitarán sólo gente que usted autoriza a través del correo, previa inscripción,con contraseña.

eso es lo más sensato.

un abrazo, obrigado. Enrique.

sungirl said...

I agree with Tamia your first reply, regardless of owning the cd's it still is a copyright offence to allow them to be copied. I would remove the hyperion cd's as requested and see if that stops the complaints. Last year they passed a law and made it an offense in New Zealand to download copyrighted material from the net. So I guess I am scared to do that for fear of having my internet removed. Thats why I just listen and enjoy. You are a brave man Fly!...I hope you can keep on with your blogs, even of only for people to listen and not download.
All the very best to you

Fly said...

To all:

Thank you for your advice. I will analyze the options.

sungirl said...

P.S. I hope your vacation was good!!!

lam said...

Agreed to Tamia's reply.
Just remove Hyperion CDs and see what happen.

Claudio said...

dear fly
i think there are lot of big troubles on the world to solve, but seems for goverments is more important to protect the copyright of classical music.
they dont have any other thing todo.
3 years ago lot of big compañies where crashed on wallstreet, goverments put lot of money for save this big companies
lot of people loose the jobs, nobady was arrested fot that.
I think you can delete the hyperion links and continue the blog
tks for share your music

Klaus said...

My suggestions, dear Fly,

1 - Make urgently a backup of your blog
2 - Remove anything that refers to Hyperion.
3 - Continue with the blog, at least while the mediafire is active.
4 - If the pressure continues, shut down the blog and make it reappear later in another place with a new identity
5 - Consider sharing your excellent music library via TORRENT. Once created
some seeds, sharing persists for years without your involvement.

Only very stupid people can call piracy (like that guy from Barcelona) to share music and other materials through
the Internet. All that most of us do is just download the songs, listen to them and often
delete them from PC because it occupies too much space. Piracy would copy, reproduce and sell for profit. And
it´s necessary to be even more stupid to get the music originals in mp3 and flac via Internet.

Piracy is what do the first world countries every day, year after year, stealing diamonds, cotton and
petroleum of African miserable countries forever in poverty. Would best if these fake moralists
would be more concerned with the delivery of drugs in the world. But that's another story a lot more
sad. Music is for anyone who has soul, feeling, culture... This so called piracy is for police,
corrupts businessmen and politicians, thieves, fbi, cia, kgb, mafia, etc., etc.

Thanks for the good times you have provided us with your music.
Karla H

Anonymous said...

I agree that "piracy" is a term that is best reserved (in this context) for those who make profit from the distribution of copyrighted material.

Personally, I think they probably have some pretty smart people working for the DMCA or whatever. I've seen a lot of blogs taken down, not to mention all the file hosting sites that have been shut down over the last few months. So they can't be that stupid if they are finding their target, can they?

Best of luck, Fly. I hope you decide to keep posting here after removing Hyperion.

Anonymous said...

Fly -- Thank you so much for your wonderful posts which have introduced your followers to so many excellent but little known pianists. I hope you continue after you remove the Hyperion material. Your contributions are much valued.

Thaison said...

Whatever you choose to do, please do not give up classical music. If you decide to start a new site on the internet, please let us know/ We will follow you wherever you go !!

Anonymous said...

grazie Fly, troverai una soluzione.

Fly said...

Thanks everyone for the advice.
I decided to take the risk to continue the blog.

I didn't publish some comments because they contained references to emails or blogs of others. It's not my habit to do this and so I apologize for not publishing them. I hope you understand and forgive me. Thank you.

Time Flies said...

Fly... thanks for your very generous effort on making up unknown artist and music to all of us; and I'm one of the people that been graced with your efforts.

Nevertheless, sometimes it is not wrong to step back and moderate oneself for the better longer term...


Anonymous said...

Please do not give up. Those Internet cops, those serfs and bootlickers of corporations, those corporations of thieves and exploiters, I can't even tell how deeply I hate them. If they keep targeting you, just shut this blog down and start a new one and tell your faithful guests where you are moving to so that they can follow you to the new site. I think other bloggers have done so, successfully. Thank you for the splendid music you share with all of us.