Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Chopin / Valses / Alexandre Tharaud

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Anonymous said...

Obrigado, Fly. Tharaud è un buon pianista, l'ho ascoltato un anno fa. Suona anche gli "encores" con la parte... Strano, no?!

Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot for this gem and your wonderful work.
Regards from Paris

sungirl said...


lipatti_ro said...

Thank you!
You keep pouring great music to us.
What a treat!

theblueamos said...

thank you very much from jerusalem

Melvin Cowznofski said...

thank you so much for everything!

kike said...

Thanks Fly, this choice is very welcome to my ears. Tharaud has on this label very fine recording on Bach & Beethoven too. So thank you one again for sharing more interesting performer. Best, Kike.

Denis Amadeus said...

chopin's waltzes dance elegantly as the pianist, tharaud plays the piano