Saturday, March 17, 2012

Schubert / Sonata / Moments Musicaux / Evgeni Koroliov

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Claudio said...

thank you fly! for share this beautiful music
Koroliov has a magic touch
If you have the french suites played by koroliov please put in your long list of requests!
I think he is one of the best pianist too.

Carlos said...

Dear Friends, music lovers, Koriolov is unknown, has not yet had time to forget. The day will come to be recognized for what it is: a great pianist. His Bach is of unusual quality. In some ways reminiscent of Sviatoslav Richter, whom he admires. The first movement of Schubert's 960 Richter touched almost half speed. But Koriolov makes a very beautiful version. Thank you very much for contributing to the recognition of this great artist.

Rosanna said...

This blog is a blessing :) I have found here a great pleasure for music. Fly: thank you for giving me so much joy.

em said...

This is great musicmaking. Thanks so much for sharing it.

Anonymous said...

Obrigado, Fly. And for Goerner to. Two splendid pianists.

theblueamos said...

thank you so much for introducing this pianist to me.great cover too.all the best from jerusalem

Mellowdawg said...

Thanks! Koroliov is a wonderful musician & Tacet graces him with a beautiful recorded sound.

Anonymous said...

Another gem, thank you again!

Anonymous said...

By coincidence, I read today in Internet the following news related to the message I sent to you (in portuguese, I hope you can translate it):

Um abraço from Brasil,


Anonymous said...

Terrific Post!!!I have heard Mr. Koroliov play Bach with excellent results, but have not heard his Schubert, Mozart or handel that others rteva eabout. Thank you for the opportunity!!!


iggy said...

Hello Dear Fly. I have only just discovered you and cannot wait to enjoy your superb blog. Thank you so much for great consideration and kindness.

All the best,

sudzy said...

Thank you. Although I think Koroliov's Bach is excelllent, I have yet heard his Schubert. Great post.