Thursday, February 9, 2012

Mozart / Piano Concertos 20 & 27 / Maria João Pires / Armin Jordan

DOWNLOAD MP3      [ replacement of the cd / now in flac ]      DOWNLOAD FLAC   PART1   PART2
[ music of excellence ] [ for me this is the best recording of these concertos ]
[ if i had to pick my ten favorite cds of classical music this would be one of them ]


Anonymous said...

as always thank you for your great post i love the way she plays mozart. again thanks alex.

Time Flies said...

thank you very much Fly for this lossless version...

harry said...

Thank you!!!

Anonymous said...

Armin Jordan is an under-represented conductor in the CD catalog. I discovered 'him' in a Mahler symphony (Sym 3? I forgot), a very exciting interpretation. Too bad most of his Erato CDs are out-of-print, I would like to listen from him more.

Thank you for your posting.

Anonymous said...

Haces un trabajo alucinante, te estoy enormemente agradecido por todo el placer sonoro que nos proporcionas a tantos.
Mil gracias, Julio, Madrid

Fly said...

Gracias. Espero que disfruten de lo mejor de esta maravillosa música.