Thursday, February 9, 2012

Liszt / Schumann / Live / Lise de la Salle

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Anonymous said...

Thank you very much für this Live-recording! Kind regards, Rigoletto

Tamia said...

Dear Fly, This is an interesting concert - but it does not seem to correspond to any published CD, even though it says CBS on the back--or at least I was unable to find it anywhere... Could you please specify its provenance ? Is it a radio recording ? or else, a tv show recording ? If so, do you know what the original recording format was, ie was it a lossless recording of a broadcast? Thank you for this, at any rate, whether you can respond to this or not.

Fly said...


It's an excellent concert, intense and competent, in 50 minutes of great music. How important is the rest?

This is a promotional CD, unofficially, as some others in the blog. I have explained this earlier. Many CDs are offered, are not for sale. Other are for advertising, promotion or critical analysis.

Enjoy :)

Addy Soller said...

Yes, great musical moment. Thanks.

Claudio said...

thank you fly!
funeral sounds amazing here