Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Chopin / Schubert / Shura Cherkassky

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[ special edition of the cd "live volume 1" without noise and applause between tracks ]


Anonymous said...

Beautiful tone !

While the new generation of pianists can play faster and louder, it is the past generation of masters setting the piano playing standard.

are we going to have some more Cherkassky CDs ?

Fly said...

I agree with you. Shura plays with tremendous sensitivity and competence. A master. Yes, I have more CDs from him. I'll post the original CD of this recording and then more one or two. I remember he did not leave many recordings and most of them are mono.

Eu concordo consigo. Shura toca com uma enorme sensibilidade e competência. Um mestre. Sim, tenho mais cds dele. Vou postar o CD original desta gravação e depois mais um ou dois. Lembro que ele não deixou muitas gravações e que a maioria deles são em mono.

amigosdeltango said...

Thank you very much for these cds! I love piano music very much and I like your blog and choices very much!
In Cherkassky I like the way he brings out inner voices that make the music sound like a new piece of music. All the old generation had this virtue...
I hope you'll post more in this decca series!