Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Beethoven / Piano Sonatas Vol.3 / Angela Hewitt

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Claudio said...

thank you fly angela Hewitt has a nice touch
I have a special request just in case that you have it.

do you have the russian piano series played by the pianist anthony Goldstone, its a 8 cd set of beautiful piano music from great but forgotten composers.
here a link from amazon
(this collection is a real treasure like very unknown composers like vladimir rebikov)

another great but forgotten composer is anton rubinstein
there is an amazing set of piano music perfomed by pianist Joseph Banowetz on marco polo records
here is a link a example

and last request is a 6 cd set of piano music of Balakirev performed by alexander paley

I asked for this on but they havent it, maibe you have something of this.

anyway thank you a lot for your posts

Fly said...

I don't have the russian piano series played by the pianist Anthony Goldstone.

The others, yes, I have them. One of these days I'll post them. They were put in the 'long' list of priorities :)

Claudio said...

oh well!
thank you fly I will waiting for that!