Saturday, December 17, 2011

Chopin / Yulianna Avdeeva Plays Chopin / Yulianna Avdeeva / Antoni Wit

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[ concert of the laureates of the chopin piano competition ]


Luv said...

Thank you again. This blog has the particularity to make known musicians less publicized. Only here are some rare cds. Thank you for your effort. I'm sorry that the blog is no longer published and that people don't comment more often. Thank you, Fly.

Fly said...

Thank you. Sometimes I feel people are a bit ungrateful... I don't understand the idea of ​​sharing in the mind of some people. For many it's only receiving. I'm seriously thinking about making the blog private... So it will be shared only with whom I choose.

Guilherme said...

I agree with Luv. Many thanks, Fly.

Na nossa língua (penso que és português). Tem sido fascinante visitar o teu blogue. Acho muito interessante esta ideia de comparar músicos e a variedade de formas como se entende a música. Outro referência para este blogue é o facto de aqui encontrar cds que não há em mais nenhum blogue. Obrigado pelos bons momentos que me dás, prometo escrever mais vezes e se o blogue ficar privado eu gostaria de ser um dos eleitos. O que tenho de fazer? Abraço.

baz said...

So many names, so much talent - you really help one make his way through the bewildering array of new pianists. If you go private I'd really appreciate an invitation, as you're performing an invaluable service. In any case, many thanks!

quantum said...

Pianistas desconocidas para mí. Un interesante blog para conocer nuevos talentos. Muchas gracias.

RonanM said...

Fascinating blog! Wherever did you get the Lisitsa Beethoven and Chopin discs. I see them nowhere on sale.

Many thanks for making this material available.

Fly said...

Some cds available on this blog are not for sale. They are promotional CDs or CDs that come with other publications (books, newspapers, magazines...) etc

Claudio said...

thank you fly amazing post!
muito obrigado!!!

RonanM said...

A wonderful recital by Yulianna Avdeeva from the 66th International Chopin Festival, Duszniki Zdrój, 2011.