Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Tellefsen / The Piano Concertos 1 & 2 / Einar Steen-Nokleberg / Terje Mikkelsen




Anonymous said...

It would be nice of you to cite the sites you get your uploads from. I Uploaded this CD and see nowhere in this post the provenance, or at least thank the ORIGINAL uploader.


FLY said...

I don't understand. There must be a misunderstanding. This CD, as has been posted, cann't be on any other blog or website. Impossible. It was edited by me.

All CDs that are posted on my blog are personal. I never make links from other blogs or posting a copy of the CD download from other sites. I would like to clarify this and ask to have the same procedure with this blog, for one reason only: if the editors find the CDs on other blogs will always be my responsibility.


Não percebo. Deve haver um mal entendido. Este CD, conforme foi postado, não pode estar em mais nenhum blog ou site. Impossível. Foi editado por mim.

Todos os Cds que são postados no meu blog são pessoais. Eu nunca faço links de outros blogs ou postagens de cópia de download de CDs de outros sítios. Gostaria de esclarecer isto e pedir que tenham o mesmo procedimento para com este blog, apenas por uma razão: se as editores descobrem os Cds noutros blogs a responsabilidade será sempre minha.

FLY said...


I appreciate that you download the cd (using my link) and check it.

Done? Check it! You can see that isn't your cd. It's impossible to be the cd of your blog.

By the way, don't put links in the blogs of others. I do not use links from anyone on my blog. Don't force me to be impolite and force me to delete them.

Have a nice day.
Good music and peace.

Denis Amadeus said...

thanks for sharing, mate. much obliged.