Saturday, September 17, 2011

Grieg / Ballad For Edvard Grieg / Lief Ove Andsnes / Mariss Jansons




Anonymous said...

this blog is heaven for piano lovers.
thanks for sharing. can you post also in flac loosless, please?
thaks anyway
have a great day

FLY said...

I'm glad you enjoy the blog. I have already explained the reason the files are not in FLAC or APE, for example. I use Mediafire to make the uploads and I have size limitations. The other reason is respect for musicians and publishers. MP3 to 320kbps is not bad :) There are audio experts who say that the human ear doesn't capture the differences between the original and this audio compression. If a CD is very important to you (or any other visitor) I can make an exception and, with a combination of both, providing a different way to do the download in other format. Greetings.

galernaoscura said...

!Gracias por su generosidad y buen gusto! El oro brilla entre más manos lo acaricien. Grieg, cenital.