Thursday, August 18, 2011

Liszt / The Piano Concertos / Georges Cziffra




FLY said...

Master. The brutal delicacy. One of the most brilliant performances of Liszt's concertos.

White Flower said...

Num dos primeiros concertos dele, a plateia esteve de pé a aplaudir durante 20 minutos. :)

White Flower said...

Uma menina prodígio.

dodger said...

best performances on record
cziffra was a genius

do you have the hungarian rhapsody by chance with Vandernoot conducting

Fly said...


The reference is to the Hungarian Fantasy or to the Hungarian Rhapsodies?

Soon there will be more Cziffra.

Anonymous said...

The Hungarian Fantasy for Piano and Orchesta and the Grieg Concerto. I found his son conducting the Liszt Concertos on you tube - v v good.There was a very very old Hungariton record of the Liszt concertos - someone somewhere will have it

Love your site